The Billions Unheard

A weekly, action-oriented email that speaks up for the billions of voiceless animals who are killed every year and the fish and other sea creatures who are captured and slaughtered in such large quantities that they're measured by the ton. Take action and spread shareable content that fights and resists animal agriculture, ag-gag legislation, non-indigenous fur, leather, and hunting, the weak and non-existent laws protecting domesticated animals, the objectification of animals, and the worldwide, human superiority complex that empowers the oppression of animals. Arguably the biggest problem facing animals is apathy and the idea that any of oppression is normal. James Baldwin once said, "Someone once said to me that the people, in general, cannot bear very much reality." Be brave, stand up, and don't look away. If you like, find me and more animal rights content on Twitter @ Gayonabudget.


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